Custom Interconnects designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of customized Interposers and Connectors to support high density PCB stacking, packaging adaptation and solderless device mounting.

Fuzz Button® Interposers / Connectors

  • Best in Signal Integrity                                                        
  • Impedance Matching
  • Long Life
  • High GHz Frequency
  • High Current Capable
  • High Compliance
  • Harsh Environmentals
  • Lightweight
  • Low Profile/Low-z axis

Available Product Designs

  • PCB to PCB Interposer
  • Device to PCB Interposer
  • Production Socket
  • Mezzanine Connector
  • Pitch Adapter Interposer

Stackup Configurations

  • Fuzz Button® Only
  • Fuzz Button® / Fuzz Button®
  • Fuzz Button® / Conductive Spacer / Fuzz Button®
  • Fuzz Button® / Hardhat
  • Hardhat / Fuzz Button® / Hardhat

Production is scalable from a single piece all the way to full OEM production quantities. Supported mating pad types include PGA, BGA, LGA, CGA and custom packaging. Most customers today utilize the Center-to-Center Contact Pitch of 1mm. The 1mm pitch is often regarded by customers as the perfect balance between pad/array size optimization and cost containment, while still offering excellent signal isolation and prevention of crosstalk. But, when the application requires a differing approach, we do offer a full line of possible mating pitches including .4mm, .5mm, .65mm, .8mm, 1mm, 1.27mm plus many custom pitches. And with I/O counts as high as 5000, we have an interconnect solution for any fine pitch / high density requirement imaginable. 

While most applications require just a single use permanent mounting connection, Fuzz Button® Interposers and Connectors can actually be reutilized many hundreds or sometimes even thousands of times. This flexibility is ideal to allow for interconnect and/or device repurposing or in the event of a device failure. And with the inclusion of Hardhats into the stackup, mating cycles up to 500,000 are achievable with no significant signal degradation.

A wide array of high quality interconnect body/carrier materials are available to choose from, including Ultem®, PTFE, PEEK®, Torlon®, FR4, G10, Aluminum and Brass,as well as any other commercially available dielectric plastic or metal you may prefer. 

For interconnects that need to go airborne, stay terrestrial or even go underground, Fuzz Button® technology delivers the reliability you need!

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