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Fuzz Button Technology Providing Interconnect Solutions for Quantum Computing Systems

Quantum computing technology has the potential to trigger a new industrial revolution, thanks to its exponentially powerful computation capabilities. The development of large-scale quantum computers requires critical components for high-frequency signal transmission, namely interconnects and interposers. Interconnects refer to the wiring that connects different parts of a quantum computer together, while interposers are electronic components that are used to connect different parts of a circuit together. For any low-distortion non-EMI signal transmission, fuzz button-based interconnections have been recognized as a preferred solution in preventing decoherence and crosstalk; all while mitigating environmental challenges caused by vibrations, cryogenic temperatures, and electromagnetic interference. 

While fuzz buttons exhibit this proven environmental performance in high-speed data transmission, they carry the added benefit of being low-noise, low capacitance and low inductance while having the capacity for high signal bandwidth. Fuzz buttons are very resilient and can be compressed at least 15% without permanent deformation, and the elasticity of the fuzz button structure is able to compensate for any cryogenic temperature induced pin deformation that is critical for maintaining electrical continuity. That said, the fuzz button-based interposer is an ideal solution that can be designed to satisfy the signal interconnection needs of a quantum computing system.