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Modular Low-Temperature Load-Locked Sample System for Quantum Devices

First of all I would like to first of all thank Ferdinand Kuemmeth for his time and devotion to this project as well as introducing me to the flow of the group. I would also like to thank Sven Albrecht for being available in the early stage of the project to discuss and develop the sample system to something that is useful for fridge users, and Merlin von Soosten for discussing ideas regarding the distribution of the twisted pairs and the shape of the bonding pads. I owe a sincere thanks to Konstanteen Mantulnikov for introducing me to the workflow of Altium as well as discussing the shape of the boards. Machineshop sta↵ Morten L. Jensen and Claus Birger Jørgensen at NBI also deserve great thanks for their time and knowledge during discussions of the design of the mounting hardware. A special thanks goes to Dennis Wistisen, also machineshop sta↵ at NBI, for his dedication to the project and his expertise to ensure correct and useful technical documentation of the new hardware as well as of the pucks, and also helping with fabricating, locally as well as externally, of the mounting hardware.