CENTENNIAL, CO, AUGUST 22, 2019: Custom Interconnects announced the 60th Birthday of their flagship Fuzz Button® solder-less, compression contact technology. The Fuzz Button® started life in 1959 primarily as a static dissipation pad and was later used as an EMI suppression solution. After many years of progress in miniaturization and production efficiencies, the Fuzz Button® is now used in applications such as Phased Radar Arrays, RF/Coaxial Communication Platforms, and highreliability interconnection systems - a natural fit for the superior bandwidth, shock/vibration resistance, impedance matching, and low loss attributes of Fuzz Button® technology.

“It is very satisfying to hear from customers how well Fuzz Buttons® have helped them over the years to solve many signal integrity issues they had struggled with previously” stated Edward Petsuch, General Manager of Custom Interconnects. “Fuzz Buttons® and Custom Interconnects boast a powerful combination of high frequency design experience and customer program successes, we are well positioned to meet the current and future demands of even the most sophisticated customer requirements. It might be surprising to some that you can find Fuzz Buttons® in cutting-edge programs such as 5th generation Jet Fighters, Deep Space Probes, Orbital Satellites, the latest Missile Defense Systems and Quantum Computing.”


Custom Interconnects: Custom Interconnects is a technology-focused, quality-driven manufacturer of Board-to-Board Interposer, Test Socket and Interconnect solutions based upon Fuzz Button® technology. With footholds in several key industries including military, aerospace, RF/Microwave, semiconductor manufacturing and communications; the company is dedicated to performance, value and service.

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